Medium & Heavy Duty Towing

We have trucks and equipment for the most demanding towing services.

1905 Old Middlefield Way - Suite 2
Mountain View, CA 94043

[Our Sister Towing Company in the San Francisco Bay]

Medium and Heavy Duty Towing Trucks & Equipment
High tons capacity modern new trucks.

We have Heavy Duty towing trucks & equipment!

Our fleet of trucks include th elatest trucks for heavy duty towing. We have the right trucks and all the modern equipment to solve any towing or road emergency situations including accident recovery.

Modern Towing Trucks & Equipment

  • Heavy duty owing trucks
  • Midium capacity trucks
  • Flat beds
  • Recovery trucks
  • Safety aparel
  • Emergency lights
  • Cones
  • Flares
  • Cables
  • Rollies
  • Recovery winch